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Unfolded Sheet Prop 5 (Black)

Unfolded Sheet Prop 5 (Black)

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This is one of the piece of papers from Prop 5 (Black) unfolded by D.Hinklay

Production Year:2024
Frame Size:
About  300 x  400 x  10 (H x W x D) (mm)
About   11 x 15 x 2 (H x W x D) (inch)

Weight :
About 1kg
About 2lb

Material:Papar, Frame

Edition : 6
All editions can be made by the creator and run limitedly. 

This is an origami artwork carefully folded by D.Hinklay. It is very detailed and is required toughness and patients to complete. It would make your life more brighter and your point of view changed.

In all his artworks, his signature is always included.

This Origami artwork will become best gift for anniversary, friendship, graduation, wedding and any celebrated things and of course it can be treating yourself.

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