Book folding and origami creator. 
Founder of OruFun.

SNS @dhinklay 
Over 300k followers in total.

Create a 3D design on the fore edge with folding each page of the book. He respects a traditional way of making Origami that never cuts the paper, so he never cuts any pages of the book in order to make his artwork. Only folding pages. He marks all points on every page where we will fold, and marking in millimeters on different places of each page makes the artwork more 3D and well rounded. 

Sold digital patterns and finished books in more than 1,000 pieces and 40 countries. His artworks are featured in a ton of social media and his artworks and himself were aired on national TV not only in Japan.

Held an exhibition for the first time in Odaiba, Tokyo in 2018 and in 2019, had 3 exhibitions in Taipei, Taiwan. Create artworks in book folding form with his skills and visions. In 2021, Held 2 times exhibitions in Tokyo and Kanagawa were successful and visited over 100 people for exhibitions.